Did you know the french invented the toothbrush, otherwise they would be called teethbrush !!

I spent many years of working for a "French Owned" company, endlessly having "headless chicken" French managers making stupid decisions based on nothing but the current direction of the wind, all without consultation and without thinking beyond their current "blinkered" vision.

Then one day I was driving to my employ when I heard the news on the radio about the intended closure of Peugeot/Citroen in Birmingham and I began to think of my experiences with my French company in the UK. It seems there is a mass withdrawal to the "centre of the universe" (France), despite the profitability of the UK plants. There are too many "Anti British" tendencies that all French companies and French Governments usually have.

Here are some (of the many) examples of the selfish and arrogant wrongdoings ;

Remember the BSE crisis, British beef was banned by Europe (rightly so) but when it was deemed safe by European commissions, and probably the safest because of the stringent tests put in place, France continued the Ban.

More recently there's Asian bird flu - At the slightest sign in Britain, France bans the import of British Poultry ... but in France, its OK to inoculate their birds to hide the symptoms of the flu - this is one of the selfish French governmental attitudes which prompted me to publish this site.

The nation is summed up by the French prime minister who walked out of an international conference just because one of his ministers spoke in English to the English speaking crowd. This is not just about government, with my experience of working for & with the French, it sums them up pretty well

The reality is that France (and many French people) have a one way vision and a compulsive disregard for other countries ... My aim is simple, hit them where it hurts and just DON'T BUY FRENCH

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