A Frenchwoman walks into a bar carrying a duck under her arm.
The bartender says "HEY! You can't bring that pig in here."
The Frenchwoman says "Excuse me...but that's a duck."
The bartender replies "Excuse ME, but I was talking to the duck."

Spot the difference between a French horse and an English horse.
Could it be the weather in the background or does one of them show some French characteristics ... Which way do you see things?
French can only see in one direction
The White Cliffs of Dover say Piss Off The "White Cliffs of Dover" give a special message to French people who wish to visit England.
It's probably better that they don't even try to start a business over here, that way they can't close it down when the wind changes direction !!
Different models of Army Knife.
Each tailored for specific countries
French Army Knife
France has disappeared - Perfect!! This is the best view of Europe that I have ever seen.
I wonder what insignificant parts are missing