Q. What is the difference between a Frenchman and a trampoline?
A. You take off your shoes before you jump on the trampoline.

The obvious French product to avoid is the French car (A hefty investment which is better made elsewhere!!) ... At the same time you will be avoiding a lot of trouble with bad reliability, breakdowns, servicing problems and lack of decent "after sales" service.
Amicus the union started a campaign about the Peugeot plans to withdraw from a profitable and productive UK factory in order to make more profits by building their cars in Slovakia, whilst still maintaining their massive overheads in French factories.
However, quoting from a popular TV car magazine, there is a better reason to not buy a Peugeot ... "Because they're crap!!"
Peugeot or England - You Choose
But the problem of French market influx is far greater than you imagined;
When you go to the supermarket (or even local markets and Farm Shops) you may be surprised at how many items of fruit and veg come from France.
The important thing to remember is to make the effort to look and once you have discovered a French origin product, refuse to buy no matter how small a price. Seek an alternative. Collectively we can strike a blow for England.
Smelly Cheese"But I like french cheese and wine" I hear you say. There are many alternatives; Australian wine goes down well and there are even English wines to try. Most French cheeses are replaceable by other makes and the search is well worth it in terms of taste and more importantly the satisfaction in helping to rid the wealth of such a crazy nation. (And if you saw the filthy state of most French farms, your choice would already have been made!!).